History of Our Parish

We are an active and dynamic Catholic parish of over 100 families of all age groups and languages.

“In 1958 thirty families donated labor to turn a former store  on Main Street into St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel.  Bishop Pursley offered the first Mass there on August 3, 1958.  The parish was a mission of St. Bernard, Wabash, and its pastor, Rev. Robert Zahn.  Manchester University’s presence in the community influenced the chapel’s naming for the theologian and apologist.  Rev. Ray Balzer became resident pastor  in August 1963.  The parish built a church at a new site that was dedicated on April 25, 1965”

(Worthy of the Gospel of Christ, by Jospeh M. White, 2007. 397)

We are Christ’s Witnesses in the World.  Please join us as Jesus Christ makes history in us as we receive Him in Word and Sacrament, and as we share His love and truth with the world.



To Know Christ

And Make

Him Known